Burnaby Archers Frequently Asked Questions
For the latest information visit the Burnaby Archers Official Facebook PageLook under 'Files' for important information
1. Where can I find information about 3D's, 720's, and other events? 
• On the bulletin board located at the entrance to the field

• On the this website under 'Schedule'

• On the 'Burnaby Archers Official Facebook' page under 'Files'. All PDF's are located here.

• For other local, provincial, national and international events, refer to http://www.archeryguy.com/calendar.html http://www.archeryassociation.bc.ca/calendar/calendar.htm http://www.fca.ca/en

2. How do I become a member? 
a) Check the Burnaby Schedule for dates and times of member intake
b) Review the information under Membership and New/Renew on this website and under 'Files' on our FB page
3. How do I renew a membership?
a) Check the Burnaby Schedule for dates and times for member Renewals
 b) Review the information under Membership and New/Renew on this website and under 'Files' on our FB page
4. Does Burnaby Archers conduct instruction lessons?
• The Club does not offer any lessons. Contact a local shop or Club to inquire you must know how to shoot before becoming a member

5. Does Burnaby Archers supply archery equipment?
• No. You must have your own equipment to shoot on the field. We encourage support of our local businesses 'Just Shooting Arrows' in North Vancouver and Surrey, and 'Boorman Archery' in New WestminsterYou must bring your on target pins e.g. golf tees (no metal pins)6. Does Burnaby Archers supply me with targets?
• No. Although there are permanent butts set up on the field at various distances, you must supply your own targets.
**Note that broadheads are not permitted unless you bring your own target. You cannot shoot into the Club butts.
**Crossbows are illegal in Burnaby therefore not permitted on the range
7. I want to bring my friends to shoot at Burnaby Archers, can I do it?
• No. All archers on the field must be members of the Club. Members bringing non-members and allowing them to shoot will result in immediate ejection from the field, loss of membership and relinquishing of key. **Strictly Enforced**
8. Can I loan my key to my friend/brother/other who is not a member?
• No. Anyone loaning a key or membership card will have their membership immediately revoked and expelled from the Club. **Strictly Enforced**Guests are not permittedNo spectators due to COVID
9. What are the hours a member can shoot on the field?
• Dawn till Dusk all weather conditions.
10. Can I shoot on days when there is a tournament or event on the field?
• Shooting is not permitted during the tournament hours. However, tournaments generally finish early afternoon. Once the field is cleared and declared live, members can begin shooting.
11. Do I need to be a member to shoot a sanctioned event at your field?
• No. You will be covered by your BCAA/FCA membership and the tournament fees for the duration of the event.
12. If I become a member any time after the membership year starts, will my fee be prorated?
• No. The membership fee is relatively quite low and includes unlimited use of the field.Membership is April 1st to March 31st of each year (not the calendar year)
**If you take out a membership at any time during the membership year, a full fee is payable even it's for a couple of months. WE CANNOT PRORATE if membership is taken out for less than a full year**