Additional Range Rules for Reopening

Additional Range Rules due to COVID 19 The following Rules will be in place until further notice. Please visit BC Government website for all the latest COVID orders and information.

All members MUST comply. For the safety of everyone, any member found breaking any RANGE and COVID rules and orders, will have their membership immediately revoked.

If you show any signs of Covid-19, mild or otherwise, OR have travelled outside of Canada in the previous 14 days, DO NOT use the field. Please stay home!

1. Members must bring their own sanitizing supplies and be responsible for sanitizing the locks and butt gates before and after each use and anything else they touch (tables, Porta Potty, tap, etc.). Wear a face mask at your own discretion.

2. Every member is required to sign into the ‘log-in and log-out sheet’ including name, date, time and contact information in case ‘contact tracing’ is necessary. Log sheets can be accessed behind the noticeboard in the box using your key. The Board will collect these on a regular basis. Be sure to have a pen on hand as they will not be provided.

3. A social distancing of 2 meters (6 feet) away from another member is to be maintained at all times. The butts are laid out at 2.52 meters on center.

4. Only ONE member per target. TWO members from any family living together can shoot on one target. One shooting line for now. Please, no crowding others.

5. Members must bring their own targets and target pins (tees), but metal objects such as nails used for affixing a target, are strictly prohibited. Remove these and take them with you when finished shooting.

6. No sharing or touching others archery equipment.

7. Dispose of any gloves, wipes, etc. safely - DO NOT leave any garbage on the field for others to pick up.

8. If another member is waiting to shoot on the same target you are on, limit your time to 1 Hour, and allow the next person to shoot. Adhere to a 6 arrow limit per end.

9. Do not gather in groups either on the field or in parking lot. NO GUESTS. NOT SPECTATORS PERMITTED.

10. Pack up and leave as soon as you are finished shooting. Limited to 50 person maximum on the field.

11. Report any infraction of these rules right away to any Board Member. If possible provide the name or member number.

11. The most senior member on the field will have the responsibility of Field Officer and ensuring other members adhere to the rules. Board members will attend the field on a regular basis for oversight.