Burnaby Archers Club has now been approved to re-open on Saturday, June 20th under the COVID 19 Plan approved by the City of Burnaby. Please look for important notices on the field notice board and container, and 'markings' for shooting stations.


At this time, the Club is only processing Renewals. New member intake dates will be posted on our FaceBook page and under 'Schedules' on this site. Please keep checking back for the schedule.


ALL members are REQUIRED and MUST follow ALL the RULES. Find them under 'Covid-19 Rules' and ‘Range Rules’ on this site, or ’Files’ on the Burnaby Archers Official FaceBook page
ALL members are REQUIRED and MUST follow ALL the RULES OF ETIQUETTE. Find them under ‘Conduct & Etiquette’ on this site, or ’Files’ on our FaceBook page
ALL rules and notices are also posted at the Field


ALL members are REQUIRED and MUST SIGN IN AND SIGN OUT before and after shooting The sign-in sheets will be in a cabinet on the ‘back’ of the large notice board on the field. Access to the cabinet will be by member’s range key.


• Should an accident or injury occur, the victim should file an incident report and send it to the club secretary within

48 hours of the incident occurrence.

*There is an Emergency Action Plan on the Bulletin Board and a First Aid Kit with incident reports in a locker at the side of the container. Your butt key will open this.


For the most up to date info and to chat to fellow members please go to our Facebook page.


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**ANNOUNCEMENT** - JUNE 28, 2020



The first few New Member Intakes are now scheduled. Read below the Steps you must follow
If you wish to become a member.


STEP 1: Complete and SUBMIT an on-line application and payment (link at bottom of this announcement. The application will include optional Intake Dates (as follows) for your selection. However, as not to exceed the number in each group, you may be allocated an alternate date.


Saturday July 4th (9-12noon)

Wednesday July 8th (5:30-7:30pm)
Saturday July 18 (9-12noon)


STEP 2: After we have processed your application, payment and placed you in a group - you will receive an email with your date and time for your orientation.


STEP 3: In groups of 6, you will undergo a 20 minute safety orientation and demonstrate you can proficiently shoot 3 arrows into an 20 meter butt, with your own equipment.


STEP 4: Once you successfully shoot all 3 arrows, you will be given your new badge, member sticker and key immediately afterwards.


If you are unsuccessful, you can choose to come back and try again, OR, we can issue you a refund.




Existing members who have submitted their applications and paid on-line, can pick up their key and sticker on the above Intake dates. If you come on either Saturday the 4th or Saturday the 18th - come during the following times according to your last name:


A-I 9:00-10:00 am
H-P 10:00-11:00 am
Q-Z 11:00-12:00 noon


When picking up your decal and key, please wear a mask and bring your own hand sanitizer. Distancing rules will be in place


**Note for this membership year only 2020/2021 the membership fee has been reduced**


$90 for individuals
$180 for families)
(Volunteers from previous year 2019 will receive a $20 rebate)


**Keys are not to be given or shared with others. Non-members found with a key given to them by a member, will be asked to hand the key in, leave the field immediately and the member will be suspended from the Club.**


Click here for Renewal Application and payment.


Additional Range Rules for Reopening


For a safe and orderly return to shooting at the Burnaby Archers range, the following Rules will be in place until further notice.
All members MUST comply. For the safety of everyone, any member found breaking any rule, will have their membership immediately revoked.

If you show any signs of Covid-19, mild or otherwise, OR have travelled outside of Canada in the previous 14 days, DO NOT use the field. Please stay home.

1. Members must bring their own sanitizing supplies and be responsible for sanitizing the locks and butt gates before and after each use and anything else they touch (tables, Porta Potty, tap, etc.). Wear a face mask at your own discretion.

2. Every member is required to sign into the ‘log-sheet’ including name, date, time and contact information in case ‘contact tracing’ is necessary, Log sheets can be accessed behind the noticeboard. The Board will collect these on a regular basis. Be sure to have a pen on hand; they will not be provided.

3. A social distancing of 2 meters (6 feet) away from another member is to be maintained at all times. The butts are laid out at 2.52 meters on center.

4. Only ONE member per target. TWO members from any family living together can shoot on one target. One shooting line for now. Please, no crowding others.

5. Members must bring their own targets and target pins (tees), but metal objects such as nails, are strictly prohibited. Remove these and take them with you when finished shoo0ng.

6. No sharing or touching others archery equipment.

7. Dispose of any gloves, wipes, etc. safely - DO NOT leave any garbage on the field for others to pick up.

8. If another member is waiting to shoot on the same target you are on, limit your time to 1 Hour, and allow the next person to shoot. Adhere to a 6 arrow limit per end.

9. Do not gather in groups either on the field or in parking lot. Pack up and leave as soon as you are finished shooting. Limited to 50 person maximum on the field.

10. Report any infraction of these rules right away to any Board Member. If possible provide the name or member number.

11. The most senior member on the field will have the responsibility of Field Officer and ensuring other members adhere to the rules. Board members will attend the field on a regular basis for oversight.

Range Rules


** There is an Emergency Action Plan posted on the bulletin board by the gate**




  1. Each member must sign in when using the range and sign out when finished. Bring your own sanitizer. Social distancing is in effect. 50 people maximum on the field.
  2. Equipment on the range shall be limited to legal hunting gear or equipment recognized as competitive by the NFAA, IBO or FITA using target or field points only.
  3. No broadheads on the target butts. The use of crossbows is illegal in Burnaby.
  4. When on the Range, Membership Badges must be visible at all times.
  5. Only Members may use the Range (no guests).
  6. Report any infractions of Rules to a Board Members as soon as possible.
  7. Children and pets must be closely supervised at all times. No running or “horseplay” on the range.
  8. Supervision, by at least one parent or an appointed guardian, is required while youth (under 18) are participating in archery at the range. NO DROP OFF!
  9. A person must be 19 yrs. or older to be a guardian of youth.



Individual and Group Safety


1. LINE CONTROL- Whenever there are more than two archers on the range all rules are in effect and shooting will be controlled. The more senior member may act as Line Marshall (lower membership number). Someone must act as the Line Marshall.


2. ONE LINE- All archers on the field will shoot together and collect arrows together off one line in one direction.


3. SIGNAL TO SHOOT- Archers will stay off the line and may not nock an arrow until the range is clear and the Line Marshall gives the signal to shoot. One whistle blast or in a clear, loud voice ”the line is hot”.


4. SIGNAL TO COLLECT- When you have shot, step back off the line to indicate to the Line Marshall and your fellow archers that you are done shooting. When everyone is done the Line Marshall will signal to collect with three whistles or verbally ”the line is clear”.


5. EMERGENCY- If there is an emergency (someone in the shooting zone) a series of five or more whistles should be blown. Anyone can shout to “stop shooting”. If you are at full draw and have to let down, lower your bow towards the ground and let down. Step off the line.


6. SHOOTING SPACE- Only one member per target. Two members from the same family and living together may shoot on the same target unless they are crowding others.


...The 2 meter rule must be adhered to. From center to center the butts are 2.52 meters apart. We will shoot one line for now.


...Maximum 6 arrows per end. If people are waiting to shoot and want to use the butt you are on, limit your practice to one hour.


7. LOOKING FOR ARROWS- Should you miss the butt and have to look for an arrow, let the people you are shooting with know so one of them can stand in front of the butt. Let the Line Marshall know. Be considerate and don’t hold up the line too long.


8. If you are alone at the range and need to look for an arrow, leave your bow in front of the butt so anyone else showing up knows there’s someone back there.

Burnaby Archers Executive June 2020

2020 Schedule Burnaby Archers









Conduct & Etiquette


Hours of operation are dawn to dusk. The range may be closed to the general membership for: Tournaments


*All tournaments and events are suspended until further notice*


• League nights
• 3D Flat field tournaments
• Member, maintenance work parties
• City of Burnaby, lawn mowing and maintenance or special events


Conduct & Etiquette


• Never cross the shooting line when the field is 'Hot'. No one may be down range unless outside the safety zones.


• No one must use the range while under the influence of drugs or alcohol.


• Never aim a bow, loaded or unloaded, at anyone. Only draw a bow with an arrow fitted down range at the

targets when the range is clear of people.


• Always draw in a safe manner and on target (no sky drawing). Arrows must land in the safety zone if accidently released.


• We shoot a maximum of six arrows per end. Consider shooting less if others are finished and waiting for you.


• When approaching targets look for arrows that may be lodged in the ground.


• Approach targets from the side to avoid walking into an arrow.


• When drawing arrows out of a target, ensure no one is standing in the path of the arrows being pulled out. Ensure everyone is standing to the side or well back when retrieving arrows. Take turns.


• Never run on a practice or target range. Especially when carrying arrows (walk).


• Keep all gear except spotting scopes at the back of the shooting path.


• If you are shooting tight groups, place targets off the center of the butt.


• Please, open the butt gates gently.


• Help to look after things, clean up any trash found on the field.


• If you are the last one to leave, make sure everything is locked up.


• Keep all language and activities family friendly.


• Never touch equipment belonging to someone else without their consent.


• Headphones or ear coverings must not be worn when using the range.


• Smoking is not permitted in the shooting area.


• Should an accident or injury occur the victim should file an incident report and send it to the club secretary within

48 hours of the incident occurrence.


*There is an Emergency Action Plan on the Bulletin Board and a First Aid Kit with incident reports in a locker at the side of the container. Butt key will open.


Burnaby Archers Executive 2020

Burnaby Archers Frequently Asked Questions


1. Where can I find information about 3D's, 720's, and other events?

• On the bulletin board located at the entrance to the field
• On the website www.burnabyarchers.org under 'Schedule'
• On the 'Burnaby Archers Official Facebook' page; under 'Files'. All PDF's are located here.
• For other local, provincial, national and international events, refer to http://www.archeryguy.com/calendar.html

http://www.archeryassociation.bc.ca/calendar/calendar.htm http://www.fca.ca/en


2. How do I become a member?

a) Check the Burnaby Schedule for dates and times of member intake - New
b) Go to the field (rain or shine) at the scheduled time
c) Bring with you, or complete at the field, the Membership Registration Form (a copy can be downloaded from the Burnaby Archers website under Memberships) **Print legibly and completely, including email and Postal Code)**
d) Bring with you: your equipment, cash or cheque ONLY for the yearly dues
e) Be prepared to do a proficiency check, meaning, you will be required to shoot three arrows at the 20 mtr target; listen to a 20-30 minute Safety Rules Orientation


3. How do I renew a membership?

a) Check the Burnaby Schedule for dates and times for member Renewals
b) Go to the field (rain or shine) at the scheduled time
c) Bring with you, or complete a copy at the field, the Membership Registration Form (a copy can be downloaded from the Burnaby Archers website under Membershp tab) **Print legibly and completely, including email and Postal Code)**
d) Bring with you: your old key and laminated card so a new key can be issued and renewal sticker attached to your badge
e) The renewal can be completed in a matter of minutes


4. Does Burnaby Archers conduct instruction lessons?


• Unfortunately, for various reasons, the Club does not offer any lessons. Contact a local shop or Club to inquire.


5. Does Burnaby Archers supply archery equipment?


• No. You must have your own equipment to shoot on the field. We encourage support of our local businesses 'Just Shooting Arrows' in North Vancouver and Surrey, and 'Boorman Archery' in New Westminster


6. Does Burnaby Archers supply me with targets?


• No. Although there are permanent butts set up on the field at various distances, you must supply your own targets. Note that broadheads are not permitted. Crossbows are illegal in Burnaby.


8. I want to bring my friends to shoot at Burnaby Archers, can I do it?


• No. All archers on the field must be members of the Club. Members bringing non-members and allowing them to shoot will result in immediate ejection from the field, loss of membership and relinquishing of key. **Strictly Enforced**


9. Can I loan my key to my friend/brother/other who is not a member?


• No. Anyone loaning a key or membership card will have their membership immediately revoked and expelled from the Club. **Strictly Enforced**


10. What are the hours a member can shoot on the field?


• Dawn till Dusk; all weather conditions.


11. Can I shoot on days when there is a tournament or event on the field?


• Shooting is not permitted during the tournament hours. However, tournaments generally finish early afternoon. Once the field is cleared and declared live, members can begin shooting.


12. Do I need to be a member to shoot a sanctioned event at your field?


• No. You will be covered by your BCAA/FCA membership and the tournament fees for the duration of the event.


13. If I become a member any time after the membership year starts, will my fee be prorated?


• No. The membership fee is relatively quite low and includes unlimited use of the field.


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